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Association Vittfarne -

A Swedish non-profit organization promoting research about travelling methods of the vikings - [Read more]

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WereYouThere -

A social archive of the people, places and events that shape our lives and history. - [Read more]

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Joan of Arc - Maid of Heaven -

An extensive website about Saint Joan of Arc with information about the biography Maid of Heaven by Ben D. Kennedy and complete biographical information about Saint Joan of Arc. Contains long biography, timeline, quotes, references, pictures, videos, movies and also several full length books like Mark Twain’s biography about Joan of Arc and G. B. Shaw’s play Saint Joan. - [Read more]

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Republic of India -

A great guide to learn about the great country India, Indian culture , Indian Tradition and all other stuff about India. - [Read more]

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Rosa Parks - The Mother of Civil Rights -

Rosa Parks' played a significant role in the Civil Rights Movement, including the Montgomery Bus Boycott and Browder vs. Gayle - [Read more]

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Benito Mussolini -

A site dedicated to the late fascist dictator, Benito Mussolini, with a full biography, photos, and .pdf documents. - [Read more]

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Philippine History -

An introduction to the history of the Philippines from the pre-Spanish era up to the present. It includes a list of all presidents with pictures and timeline of historical events in the Philippines. - [Read more]

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Iran Web - brings you the most useful information pertaining to Iranians domestically and abroad. Most of the information featured pertains to politics, government, public policy, geopolitical topics, sports, entertainment, culture and current events. In English and Persian. - [Read more]

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Colonial Sense -

The Web Site for All Things Colonial -- Contents include articles on early American architecture, antiques, regional history, journals, biographies, society/lifestyles, and how-to guides. Community includes nationwide event calendar, antique dealers and show promoters, downloads including music files, online resources (links to other colonial-themed websites), early American recipes, marketplace, forums with book & film reviews (as well as antiques, colonial events & personalities) & much more! - [Read more]

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Christian Worldview -

Find encouragement and inspiration to engage the culture for Jesus! Develop your Christian worldview based on Biblical principles with a knowledge of history, current political events, and the Bible. - [Read more]

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Ancient Civilizations -

Information, pictures and in depth view of Ancient Civilizations as they were thousands of years ago: Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt and China. Governments, economy, people, religions and famous rulers of the past. - [Read more]


Scotland of Old -

Historical books on Scotland, written with passion by Scotsmen intimately connected to their heritage and past. The way of life, the wars, the love and romance, clans and their castles. The evangelist, Duncan Matheson in spotlight and much, much more. - [Read more]


Welcome to Germanyworld - Your German Information Source -

All you ever wanted to know about GermanYou y.can find all things related with same here.Before visting Germany in person you can virtually present. - [Read more]


On This Day In History Free Software -

Find events, deaths, holidays, and births on this day in the year with the On This Day In History software. - [Read more]


Anh gai dep -

Anh gai dep, gai xinh , nghe thuat yeu , tin soc , anh girl xinh, anh nude - [Read more]


chittorgarh -

about chittorgarh ,chittor, chittorgarh fort and history of chittorgarh ,chittaurgarh,mewar - [Read more]


Medieval Crusades -

Weblog containing a chronology of events and articles about medieval crusades and crusade history - [Read more]


Marriage Records -

Divorce information include comparable information, and also date involving divorce, childrens names, factors behind dissolution, and much more. Marriage history tend to be principal means Visit us today! - [Read more]


discount domains -

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Ps Articles -

Even does the Playstation Plus offer fall then? A new PSN is appreciate the online mall which can everything games but gamers! This time around Designers plans to move things. Well, what if I instructed you that free PSN limitations can be generated easily? - [Read more]


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